Office cleaning services Kent.

A reliable office cleaning company you can trust.

We provide reliable, cost effective office cleaning solutions across Kent that will ensure your premises are maintained to the highest standard. This not only creates the right impression for visitors but it is a known fact that a clean, healthy office can increase productivity and can lower staff absenteeism through illness.

Cleaning services at a glance.

Our cleaning services in Kent cover the core essentials that you would expect from any cleaning company. But with one aim in mind – to become a valued asset to your organization and to get the job done with the minimum of fuss leaving you to concentrate on what you do while we keep your working environment safe and clean.
Typical office cleaning schedule:
• Polish workstations including sanitization of telephones.
• Dry wipe VDU Screens and keyboards.
• Empty bins and remove to refuse area taking care to recycle in line with clients policy.
• Vacuum all carpeted areas.
• Mopping of hard floors.
• Sanitize washrooms and replenish paper products and soap.
• Sills, skirting, light switches, chair bases, office furniture all standard procedure.

The above is a typical example of what we offer.

Cleaning services are tailor made to meet your specification. On appointment we will discuss the finer points and note any other requirements for the success of your cleaning schedule.

Free quote or explore your cleaning services budget.

We give you the option to call and arrange a visit to your premises to provide a free, no obligation quote. The price will be held open allowing you time to make a decision.

Alternatively you may already have a budget set aside for cleaning. Frequently companies in Kent furnish us with this information. 9 times out of 10 we manage to provide a cleaning service within budget and always strive to offer more for your money.

If we cannot do this we will present you with an honest appraisal.

Registered charities.

By way of giving something back to local communities we have arranged a special pricing structure for charities across Kent.

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