Kent Office Cleaning Services Documents

A range of policies that come as standard for all office cleaning programs in Kent.

In addition to the office cleaning services we provide a range of official documents that will be presented to each client. These will include: 

Health and Safety Manual

Our comprehensive Health and Safety manual is readily available to both cleaning staff and clients. A copy will be left at each cleaning location. The Health and Safety manual is reviewed as required.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

EVERY cleaning product we use on site will have a copy of the COSHH Data sheet readily available and easily identifiable to both staff and clients should they be required.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are carried out prior to any office cleaning work starting. Risk Assessments are reviewed annually or when the need arises should there be a change in building layout or introduction of new equipment.

Method Statements/Job Specification

A thorough cleaning schedule is drawn up for every premises we care for. This will act as guidance and instruction for the cleaning staff so they will know exactly what is required of them and when.

Insurance Certificate

Kent Office Cleaning Service has a full public and employers liability insurance (5M). Our policy is with Hiscox and is available for inspection at any time. A new copy is issued to clients as a matter of course on an annual basis. 

Colour Coding Control (In line with HSE Guidance)

Each area for cleaning is identified by its colour code.RED for washroom/YELLOW for sinks, counters, washroom surfaces/BLUE for low risk areas such as work desktops, sills and ledges/GREEN for kitchen areas.

All staff are trained in correct application of colour coding to prevent cross contamination across areas. Cleaning equipment such as mops, cloths and buckets will be colour coded.

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